A Cheetos Restaurant

I don't know if this place counts as fine dining, but I DO know people are going to be lining up for hours to get in.

Cheetos is opening a pop-up restaurant in New York City next Tuesday that ONLY serves food made with Cheetos. Some of the highlights are . . .

1. Grilled cheese filled with cheese, bacon, tomatoes, and Cheetos.

2. Mac and cheese made with white cheddar and a Flamin' Hot Chipotle Ranch Cheeto crust.

3. Tacos with chicken, veggies, and Flamin' Hot Limon Cheetos on top.

4. Nachos that use Cheetos instead of tortilla chips.

5. And a CHEESECAKE with a Cheetos crust.

The restaurant will only be open for three days, but if it goes well, they'll probably be doing it again. And they'll also be releasing a recipe book if you want to make the stuff yourself.(CNN Money / The Spotted Cheetah)

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