O.J.'s Bronco Is For Sale

Everyone in America got a very good look at the O.J. SIMPSON white Ford Bronco on June 17th of 1994 . . . and now, the guys from "Pawn Stars" are checking it out.

The Bronco will be featured on next Monday's episode. O.J.'s former agent Mike Gilbert has it now, after he bought it from Al Cowlings, who of course was driving O.J. during the notorious slow-speed chase.

Gilbert has had the Bronco hidden away for the past 22 years . . . but now he's looking to unload it, and he won't take anything less than $500,000.

The thing is: Rick Harrison from "Pawn Stars" doesn't usually deal with anything THAT pricey. The most expensive things he's sold at the pawn shop were $128,000 gold bars.

Watch the video from TMZ HERE

Image courtesy of carbuzz.com

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