Group in Kentucky Is Protesting the Eclipse

We hope this ISN'T a hoax, because it's just too fun. A group called Kentuckians for Coal claims it's protesting the SOLAR ECLIPSE next Monday . . . because they're sick of everyone talking about solar energy, and want more focus on the benefits of coal.

They say they're setting up outside the offices of a local newspaper in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. It's one of the best viewing spots in the country, because the total eclipse will last longer there than pretty much anywhere else . . . 2 minutes and 41 seconds.

200,000 people could visit between now and Tuesday, and add $30 million to the local economy. But the group's press release claims that's overblown. And they're sick of all the, quote, "sun worship" they've been seeing. (We couldn't verify they're a real group, and their press release is bonkers. So it's likely a joke, but who knows.)


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