What Country Song Best Describes Your Love Life?

The website WhiskeyRiff.com did a Buzzfeed-type quiz to match you up with the country song that best describes your love life. Obviously, there's no science involved, it's just a fun quiz . . . so don't over-think it.

There are six different questions, and each one has several responses to choose from. For example, the first question is, "Are you in a relationship?" The responses are:

"Nah, I really don't have the time."

"Nope. Caught him / her cheating and it was over."

"No, I'm a little shy."

"Yes. I love him / her with all my heart."

After you're done, you get the country song, and then, for some reason, an analysis.

I got "Show You Off" by Dan + Shay . . . and then this: Quote, "You're in a healthy relationship and the future is looking bright. You're very proud of your significant other. Keep doing what you've been doing."

Yeah, I'm a boring married guy . . . but the quiz is way more interesting if you're single.

Here's the LINK

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