Five More Hurricane Randoms

1. The Atlanta Braves and the Miami Marlins just finished a four-game series in Atlanta. But it got off to a rocky start on Thursday, when the Braves played "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by the Scorpions over the loudspeakers.Obviously, it was a mistake. The song is in the regular playlist, like it is at pretty much every other stadium . . . and someone just forgot to take it out. The Braves apologized.

2. After downplaying Hurricane Irma and calling it some kind of "deep state" conspiracy to push a left-wing agenda, RUSH LIMBAUGH evacuated his South Florida digs. And yeah, Twitter is giving him hell.

3. RICHARD BRANSON and the guests on his private island survived Irma, but there was major damage.

4. BEYONCÉ and her mom served food to Harvey survivors in Houston . . . while JANET JACKSON visited people at a convention center who still can't return to their homes.

5. This J.J. WATT thing is out of control . . . in a GOOD way. $31 million and counting . . .

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