This Year's National Toy Hall of Fame Finalists

The National Toy Hall of Fame just released their newest list of nominees . . . and one of them is SAND. (???)

The basic idea behind that pick is you can't make sandcastles at the beach without it. And sandboxes have been popular for a long time.

This also isn't the first time they've made a generic pick like that. The STICK made it in back in 2008. The BALL got in one year later. And the CARDBOARD BOX was inducted way back in 2005.

The 12 toys nominated this year are sand . . . paper airplanes . . . Matchbox cars . . . My Little Pony . . . the board games "Risk" and "Clue" . . . the Wiffle ball . . . the Magic 8 Ball . . . PEZ dispensers . . . fake food . . . Transformers . . . and Uno cards.

Only two or three toys get inducted each year. Last year's picks were Dungeons & Dragons, Fisher Price Little People, and the swing. "Clue", Transformers, and Uno were also nominated last year, but didn't get in.

They'll announce this year's inductees on November 9th. (Here's the list of all 62 toys that are already in the Hall of Fame.) (Museum of Play)

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