Luke Bryan Says Vegas Shooting Robbed Us of Our Innocence

LUKE BRYAN took a moment during both of his Farm Tour shows over the weekend to address the tragedy in Vegas. At his Saturday show he paid tribute to all of the "beautiful, innocent, wonderful" country music fans. 

Quote, "I want to remember them and pray for their families. I [also] want to salute the first responders. From the policemen that ran in, to the people in the hospitals that were having a normal night when their world got turned upside down." 

He also had a serious take on what the tragedy means for all Americans. Quote, "It's not a country music situation . . . it's not a country music fan situation. It's a music fan situation, because we were all robbed of our innocence [that] night." 

He gave a shout-out to the local first responders for helping to keep everyone safe each night, and he finished by asking everyone to join him in a moment of silence.

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