Study Proves Women Really Are Nicer Than Men

According to a new study, women really are NICER than men. Although any mom out there who's living under the reign of terror of a teenage daughter is like, "Um, you SURE about that?" 

Researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland found women's brains are WIRED to be kinder than men's. The reward centers of the brain light up for women when they give money to charity or help someone out. 

It's different for men. Their reward centers were more likely to light up when they made a SELFISH decision. 

But . . . the researchers aren't sure if we're born with that wiring, or if it's something that we develop.

Quote, "Studies show that girls are rewarded with praise for [generous] behavior, implying that their reward systems learn to expect a reward for helping behavior instead of selfish behavior." (Daily Mail)

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