Are You Superstitious?

It's Friday the 13th today, and if that makes you worry . . . well, at least you're not ALSO getting married or taking a test. Although maybe you are. And in that case, yeah, worry like CRAZY.

A survey found the top 10 moments when we're the most superstitious, and Friday the 13th only came in fifth. Here's the list . . .

1. Taking a test.

2. Buying a lottery ticket.

3. During a key life event, like getting married or buying a house.

4. When you're looking for a new job.

5. Friday the 13th or Halloween.

6. Getting on a flight.

7. Watching your favorite team.

8. At a doctor's appointment.

9. Taking your driving test.

10. When you're trying to get a promotion.

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