Would You Live in a House That Might Be Haunted?

Would you live in a haunted house? And I'm not talking about one of the weak haunted houses that pop up this time of year with people dressed in costumes . . . I'm talking LEGIT haunted.

According to a new survey, 42% of people say NO, they would not live in a house that might be haunted. 33% say they would, and another 25% say they might.

But . . . 92% of the people who say they would or might live in a haunted house say they'd need some kind of PERK to buy it.

40% think they should get a price reduction . . . 35% would need it to be in a great neighborhood . . . 32% would need it to be bigger than their current place . . . and 29% would need it to have more bedrooms than their current place.

The survey also found 28% of people say they're CURRENTLY living in a haunted house, or they lived in one before.

The top signs your house is haunted are strange noises . . . weird feelings in certain rooms . . . and objects moving or disappearing.


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