Jason Aldean Back On Stage

JASON ALDEAN did a show on Thursday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was his first concert appearance since the tragedy in Vegas, so he took a moment to acknowledge that it's been a tough week-and-a-half.

He told the crowd that playing for them is "helping more than anything." He said there's not a day that goes by when he doesn't think about the 58 people who lost their lives, and his "thoughts and prayers" are with them, their families, and all of those injured.

He also touched on how Americans can sometimes be divided, but he's been seeing plenty of love and support. Quote, "I just feel like if we could do that on a daily basis, the world would be a lot better place."

He called on the crowd to NOT live in fear or be scared away from going to events like concerts, ball games, or even the mall.

He closed it out by saying quote, "So what I want to do tonight, I want this to not be something that's going to be a downer for the rest of the night. I want to play this show for you guys that the people in Las Vegas came to see and didn't get a chance to."

Warning, some strong language in video from Jason Aldean.

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