Bad Idea For Halloween Decorations

If you haven't put up your Halloween decorations yet . . . well, here's a perfect example of what NOT to do.

Someone in North Las Vegas put up their decorations on Tuesday . . . and their theme was the VEGAS SHOOTING.

They put up a banner that said "#VegasStrong" . . . put yellow police tape around their yard . . . and then put up 58 tombstones to represent the victims.

But they didn't exactly use respectful tombstones honoring each victim in their fake cemetery . . . instead they used the kitschy Halloween ones you buy at a store that say "RIP" and have fake spiders on them.

Maybe the person who put up the decorations thought it was a tribute, but NO ONE ELSE saw it that way . . . and after they got a ton of backlash on Facebook on Tuesday night, they took everything down. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

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