Today Is the Best Day to Buy Halloween Candy

If you still haven't bought candy, a new study says TODAY is the day to do it. Researchers looked at how much it costs the week before Halloween. And in the last two years, it's been the cheapest FOUR DAYS before Halloween.

Apparently some stores will jack up their prices this weekend, and there might be less of a selection. The worst day to buy candy is ONE day before Halloween. If you wait until the 30th, it could cost 42% more.

If you can't get to the store, don't panic. Unless you're handing out truckloads of chocolate, we're only talking about a few bucks. Another survey found the average person who's handing out candy this year will spend $22 on it.

The states where people spend the most on candy are Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, Utah, and California. The states that spend the least are Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, Alabama, and Colorado.

We'll spend an average of $80 TOTAL on Halloween. $22 on candy . . . $27 on our costume . . . $21 on decorations . . . and about $10 on other stuff.

Young people spend the most on their costumes, an average of $66. People in their 50s and 60s spend the least, an average of just $3. Obviously you can't buy a costume for three bucks. That's just the average. Meaning most of them won't spend anything. ( /

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