Five Reasons Why Work More Stressful This Time of Year

We're officially in the holiday season. I mean, technically it's not supposed to start for a few more weeks, but try telling all the stores that . . . they had their Christmas stuff out before Halloween's body was even cold.

And according to a new survey, this time of the year is a hell of a paradox at work. People say it's the HAPPIEST time of the year at their job . . . but also the most STRESSFUL.

And here are the top five reasons WHY these are the most stressful two months . . .

1. Balancing holiday events and your job, 32%.

2. Taking time off and coming back to a giant pile of work, 23%.

3. Having lots of people on vacation leading to more work for everyone else, 18%.

4. Trying to figure out what gifts to buy for your coworkers or clients, 11%.

5. Going to company holiday events, 8%.So what would make things LESS stressful? 37% of people say if they got a nice end-of-the-year bonus, suddenly things wouldn't seem so rough anymore. (PR Newswire)

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