Domino's Will Start Using Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever ordered a pizza and when it got delivered, it was a DAMN MESS? Like, there were only three pepperoni, the cheese slid off half of it, and the crust looked like it was still dangerously raw?

Domino's has a "Terminator"-style plan to change that.

They're going to start testing a new ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE system to hopefully stop subpar pizzas from being delivered.

It's called the Pizza Checker, and it's been trained to recognize what good and bad ones look like. So it'll take a picture of your pizza before it goes into a box, and then it'll analyze the picture to make sure everything looks right.

If it doesn't, they'll send you a picture of your jacked up pizza and tell you they're remaking it.

They'll be testing the Pizza Checker at a bunch of stores in Australia next year. And if it works well, they could roll it out worldwide.


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