Free CFA For a Year

Opportunities like this don't come around very often: The chance to show off everything you learned from two decades of watching TV detective shows AND get a year's worth of fast food for FREE.

On Sunday night, a guy stole a Chick-fil-A catering van from a parking lot in Cartersville, Georgia.

The van eventually turned up, crashed into a parked car in a driveway. And the cops have grainy surveillance footage of the thief, but they haven't found him yet.

Chick-fil-A REALLY wants to track him down, though, so they aren't going to leave it to chance. They're offering free food for a YEAR to anyone who identifies the guy.

So you should check out the surveillance shots and who knows, maybe you'll recognize the guy and spend all of 2018 eating for free. Except on Sundays, I guess. You're on your own for those. (ABC 2 - Atlanta)

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