Guy Cooks His Own Meal at Waffle House

The whole point of Waffle House is that it's ALWAYS there for you when you need it . . . breakfast, dinner, middle of the night, eating alone on Christmas, whatever. So what do you do when it's NOT?

A 36-year-old guy named Alex Bowen was drunk late last Wednesday night and went to a Waffle House in West Columbia, South Carolina. But when he got there, the one employee working that night had fallen ASLEEP in a booth.

So Alex hopped behind the counter and cooked his OWN meal. He says he cooked himself, quote, "A double Texas bacon cheesesteak melt with extra pickles."

He posted all about it on Facebook, including pictures.

A Waffle House spokesperson says they apologized to Alex . . . suspended the employee who was asleep . . . and they really hope that in the future, no customers go behind the counter. (NBC 10 - Columbia / Facebook)

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