Pictures With Santa at Mall Has Gotten Expensive

How much did it cost to have your picture taken with Santa at the mall back when we were kids? Five bucks? Maybe 10? Well, whatever it was, it's WAY more now.

Apparently, malls all over the country have been jacking up their prices for photos with Santa. Check this out . . .

1. At Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey, a "fast pass" pack that helps you skip the line costs $50 and you get 14 different-sized prints.

2. At The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, there are packages that cost $29 or $56 . . . and if you want to do multiple poses it's another $20. If you want the digital file of the pictures it's another $15.

3. At Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix, six prints cost $40.

4. At The Grove in Los Angeles, the photo packages start at $40 . . . but you don't even get any printed photos for that.

5. But the most expensive might be in New York City, where there's a special studio for Santa photos. The packages start at $135 . . . and if you want any retouching, you're looking at $325. (Moneyish)

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