Today Is National Cookie Day

Today is National Cookie Day. And I thought stores put out their CHRISTMAS decorations too early. They keep their National Cookie Day stuff out year round. Ahem.

Anyway, a new survey asked people their feelings about cookies and . . . shockingly . . . we're really into them. Here are the results . . .

1. Only 2% of people say they never eat cookies. And 8% of women and 14% of men eat them more than once a day.

2. We slightly prefer homemade cookies to store-bought ones, 54% to 46%.

3. 65% of people say they prefer chewy cookies over crunchy ones.

4. But . . . Oreos are by far the most popular brand of cookies.

5. And 43% of us have opened a package of Oreos and eaten an entire row of them in one sitting. There are 13 Oreos per row, if you're curious. (National Today)

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