Christmas Movie or Not

If a movie is set around Christmas, does that automatically make it a Christmas movie?

Like, does it count as a Christmas movie if it's an action movie or a horror flick that just happens to take place at Christmas, but isn't specifically ABOUT Christmas?

Buzzfeed is trying to settle that debate by taking 12 of the most fought-over movies and having the public decide. Here's how the voting is going so far for 10 of them:

1. "Die Hard": 55% Christmas, 45% Not Christmas.

2. "Home Alone": 97% Christmas, 3% Not Christmas.

3. "Gremlins": 40% Christmas, 60% Not Christmas.

4. "Frozen": 21% Christmas, 79% Not Christmas.

5. "Lethal Weapon": 16% Christmas, 84% Not Christmas.

6. "The Nightmare Before Christmas": 78% Christmas, 22% Not Christmas.

7. "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang": 16% Christmas, 84% Not Christmas.

8. "Edward Scissorhands": 20% Christmas, 80% Not Christmas.

9. "Batman Returns": 13% Christmas, 87% Not Christmas.

10. "Eyes Wide Shut": 6% Christmas, 94% Not Christmas.

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