Do You Have to Work Between Christmas & New Year's?

Christmas is on a Monday this year, so according to the calendar and also basic math, New Year's Day is also on a Monday. And here's the big question: During that week in between, do you have to go to WORK?

According to a new survey, the odds are your answer is . . . yes.

18% of people say they're working the ENTIRE week . . . 33% are taking the whole week off . . . and everyone else is going to work at least some of those days.

But even though the majority of people WILL have time off that week, that doesn't really mean they'll stop working. 64% will check in with work or at least check email when they're off between Christmas and New Year's.

The survey also found that 35% of people are going to end the year without using all of their vacation time. The main reasons are they're carrying over the days for something later . . . or they have too much work to do.

(PR Newswire)

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