Hanukkah Starts Tonight

posted by Todd Robbins -

The Jewish holiday Hanukkah starts tonight and lasts through next Wednesday. In theory, that means people could get presents on all eight nights. But do they?

According to a new survey, a surprising number of people say . . . yes. 68% of people who celebrate Hanukkah get something on every single night.

Here are a few other results from the survey . . .

1. Three-quarters of people spell Hanukkah starting with an H. The rest spell it starting with a C, Chanukah.

2. 10% of Americans say they celebrate the holiday. But since less than 3% of Americans are Jewish, that means there are tens of millions of non-Jews who get in on the action.

3. And 12% of people say they don't like the signature Hanukkah dish of potato pancakes. Of the people who do, women prefer to use sour cream as a topping for them over applesauce . . . men prefer applesauce over sour cream.(National Today)



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