Today is National Ice Cream Day

You know, sometimes it seems like the people making up fake holidays aren't really coordinating with each other.

Apparently, today is National Ice Cream Day. Yes, in December. Which is weird, because July 16th was ALREADY National Ice Cream Day. I guess it happens twice a year, like the solstice or something?

Anyway, here are some stats from a new survey in honor of 2017's second National Ice Cream Day . . .

1. 80% of Americans prefer ice cream over frozen yogurt.

2. Mint chocolate chip is the most popular ice cream flavor for teenagers . . . cookies and cream is number one for young adults . . . and chocolate is the most popular for people 35 and up.

3. And hot fudge is by far the most popular topping. Caramel syrup is second . . . whipped cream and brownies tied for third . . . and chocolate syrup is fifth. (National Today)

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