Carrie Underwood Back Working Out

I think we all knew that CARRIE UNDERWOOD would get back to the gym as soon as possible after last month's wrist surgery. Well, she is indeed working it, even though she's still wearing a brace.

She showed up in a photo posted by ADRIENNE GANG, whom you may know from Bravo's "Below Deck". They happened to be sweating it out next to each other in some gym, and Carrie was kind enough to pose for a pic.

Adrienne posted it on Tuesday. She wrote, "Just worked out next to @Carrie-Underwood. She is adorable and so gracious. Love her."

The photo made the rounds, and that's when Adrienne found out about Carrie's surgery. So she sent out another Tweet, and captioned it, "Had no idea she was injured."

Perhaps Adrienne wasn't paying close attention, or maybe she thought Carrie's brace was a preventative thing. A lot of people wear wrist braces while working out so they don't end up with carpal tunnel.

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