Brett Young Can't Wait to Watch 24 Straight Hours of "A Christmas Story"

What is it about Christmas that brings out weird traditions?  Every family seems to have one.  BRETT YOUNGadmits he has an obsession with a certain movie.

Quote, "Every single year I can't stop watching the 24 hours of 'A Christmas Story' on Christmas Eve.  It has to be on literally for the full 24 hours.  It's always running.  We'll have three meals and it'll still be running."

He admits that he doesn't even pay attention the whole time.  Quote, "It just reminds me of my childhood.  That was something as a kid that we watched so many times over Christmas break.

"It’s like one of those songs that you turn on and you don't even have to listen to, just background noise but it puts you in a good mood.  It's like that for me, just having it on puts me in the Christmas mood."

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