43% of Us Are Picky Eaters

According to a new survey, 43% of American adults consider themselves to be picky eaters now. So apparently picky eating isn't just for kids anymore. It's gone mainstream.

With that said, 56% of us have eaten something that we knew was expired. And half of us have eaten something that fell on the floor. Which is how REAL adults do it. Here are seven more stats on America's weird eating habits . . .

1. 54% of parents have had to cook two different meals because they couldn't get their kids to eat the same thing. But it's not just a kid thing. 28% of couples do it too.

2. Our favorite foods are pizza, steak, and chicken. The food we hate the most is liver, followed by seafood and Brussels sprouts.

3. The top things that trigger us to OVEREAT are watching TV, being alone, being sad, and being stressed out.

4. 12% of employees said they've stolen a co-worker's lunch before. Either on purpose or accidentally. (???)

5. 4% of people said they eat brunch EVERY DAY. But we're guessing that means they just eat between breakfast and lunch. It doesn't necessarily require mimosas.

6. The #1 food people say to avoid on a first date is anything with a ton of garlic in it. Number two is anything with beans.

7. 1 in 20 people say they HATE it when they order something at a restaurant, and someone else they're with orders the same thing. 

(Harris Poll / PR Newswire)

Image courtesy of pbs.org

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