Luke Bryan Says "Most People Are Good" Inspire's Him

LUKE BRYAN says he believes "Most People Are Good" is one of the best songs he's ever recorded. Of course he does. They all say that about their new music.

But he's also passionate about the song's message, and that's something worth hearing. He believes the song has the power to "help people believe in people again."

Quote, "We get reminded every day of all the negativity, and it's [less than one percent] of people causing all the negativity. I believe that. I believe most people lay their heads down at night and try to be better and try to be good to others."

He's even using his song as an inspiration to be a better person himself.

Quote, "I'm going to open the door for anybody and so many other people [who] believe that way. I'm going to say 'hey' to a stranger. I'm going to help somebody out in need, and that's what this song really, really preaches."

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