No 'N SYNC at the Super Bowl

As soon as the Super Bowl Halftime performer is announced, everybody starts wondering what special guests he or she will bring along.

With JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, the two obvious contenders are 'N SYNC and his "wardrobe malfunction" partner JANET JACKSON. But so far, Justin's been acting like this is going to be a solo performance.

And his 'N Sync buddy JOEY FATONE seems to be backing him up. TMZ caught up with Joey in L.A. and asked him about an 'N Sync reunion.

He said, quote, "I'm here right now. If I was doing something, I'd be at rehearsals right now, so obviously, there's your proof."

He also shot down the Janet speculation. Quote, "He's not that kind of person, he's not controversial like that."

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