10 Best Mullets in Country Music History

If I asked you to fire off a list of famous country star mullets, you'd probably go with BILLY RAY CYRUS and BLAKE SHELTON, and then what? Well, WhiskeyRiff.com did a little digging and put out a pretty good list.

It's their "10 Best Mullets in Country Music History" . . . and they even included photos. Most are from the '90s because that's the decade the world fell in love with the "business up front, party in the back" hairstyle. Here's the list.

1. Billy Ray Cyrus

2. Toby Keith

3. Blake Shelton

4. Travis Tritt

5. Joe Diffie

6. Tracy Lawrence

7. Tim McGraw

8. Alan Jackson

9. Kenny Chesney

10. Alabama

Photo: whiskeyriff.com

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