Krispy Kreme Selling 4 New Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme is selling four new donuts for Valentine's Day, including one that's sprinkled with crushed up Oreos, and filled with Oreo cream.

What's better than when the couple you've been rooting for all along finally gets together? That's exactly what's happening at Krispy Kreme this Valentine's Day. The beloved chain is pairing with Oreo to bring you a heart-shaped donut that's guaranteed to make you feel less alone, even if you are in fact objectively alone on that least-wanted of holidays.

The OREO Cookies & KREME donut will be available from January 29 through February 14. It's an unglazed, heart-shaped donut filled with "Oreo Cookie KREME," dipped in dark chocolate, topped with OREO cookie pieces, and drizzled with red icing.

There's the Sprinkle Heart, an unglazed heart donut that's dipped in white icing and topped in a Valentine's Day sprinkle blend the Happy Heart (a little ambitious, but that's fine) that's also an unglazed heart donut dipped in pink icing, filled with white KREME, and featuring sugar eyes and hearts, plus a slightly unsettling chocolate smile; and finally there's the Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles, which is fairly self-explanatory but also features that festive sprinkle blend.

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