Someone Invented a Pop-Up Movie Theater

If you like watching movies on your phone or iPad but you have trouble finding a comfortable position or getting immersed in what you're watching, this MIGHT be just what you're looking for. Emphasis on "might."

A Kickstarter just went up for a new product called Poptheatr which is, basically, a pop-up movie theater that goes over your head.

It almost looks like a soft garbage can with speakers built in. So you strap your phone or tablet to the clear panel on the top, lie down on the couch, then put this thing over your head. And it creates a dark environment for you to watch your movie.

It also looks ridiculous.

But if you're interested, you can preorder one on Kickstarter for $64, plus $10 shipping. They're scheduled to ship in July.

(Digital Trends / Kickstarter)

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