You Should Eat Pizza For Breakfast Instead of Cereal

Pizza isn't usually considered a breakfast food . . . at least not once you're out of college. But apparently, it should be.

There's a dietician named Chelsey Amer, and she says it would actually be BETTER for you to eat pizza for breakfast instead of cereal.

Quote, "You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories.

"[But] pizza packs a much larger protein punch, which will keep you full . . . throughout the morning. [And it] contains more fat and much less sugar, so you will not experience a quick sugar crash."

Now you know. Throw out your cereal and call Domino's tomorrow at 6:00 A.M. Hopefully they're open.

(Chicago Tribune)


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