Luke Bryan Gets REALLY Excited When Hunting

The Buck Commander Facebook page posted video of LUKE BRYAN's almost childlike reaction when he sticks a deer while bow-hunting. He's not sure he got it and he keeps asking his fellow hunters if he did.

He's shaking with anticipation as he says, quote, "Is he down? Is he down? Did you see him go down? Did I smoke him? Did I smoke him?"

JASON ALDEAN is also in the video and he says Luke didn't just turn it on for the camera. Quote, "That is what you get with Luke. It goes to show you what a passion he has for hunting and how excited he gets even all these years later.

"No matter how many times you've had big deer out in front of you, or you shot deer, he still has that same passion for it as he did when he was first getting started, and I think you can see that in his reaction."

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