A Guy Claims He Time Traveled Here From 2030

There are plenty of crazy people every day who claim they're time travelers. Just walk around downtown in any city and you'll find at least four or five. But this guy . . . well, he seems different.

There's a guy from Minnesota who says his name is Noah and he traveled back from the year 2030. So, you know, only 12 years in the future.

But here's the crazy thing . . . he passed a LIE DETECTOR TEST about it. Obviously those aren't rock-solid scientific proof . . . but it at least makes you go, "Hmmm?"

Anyway, here's what he says is going to happen over the next decade. So . . . spoiler alert?

President Trump will be reelected in 2020 . . . some forms of cancer are cured . . .artificial intelligence becomes huge by 2021 and a device that looks like those Google glasses become popular . . . Bitcoin is much more common . . .

Electric cars can go 600 miles on one charge . . . phones keep getting bigger . . .humans travel to Mars in 2028 . . . and finally, time travel becomes possible in 2028,which is how he's here. 

(Daily Mirror)

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