Krispy Kreme Challenge | Downtown Tuscaloosa

On Feb. 24, 2018, the 6th Annual Tuscaloosa Krispy Kreme Challenge will take place in Downtown Tuscaloosa.

There will be 2 categories:
1) Challenger - finishing 12 doughnuts is required
2) Casual - eat as many doughnuts as you want and then return to the start/finish line.

You don't have to declare your category until the "race" is underway. If you complete your dozen, you get a wristband certifying you ate all 12, and thus a "Challenger." If you return to the start/finish line without the wristband, you are in the "Casual" category.

This is a spectacle and intended to simply be good wholesome family fun. All ages are invited to attend! No pets, please!

Even if you don't plan on attempting to eat one dozen doughnuts during the middle of our event, you can still participate in our event!

Thanks to Krispy Kreme of Tuscaloosa and Buffalo Rock for making this event possible! Because of them, all proceeds go directly to Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Alabama.

Get signed up today:

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