Who's the Best President in History?

Today is President's Day. Yeah, I didn't get the day off either. 

A new survey asked people to name the best president in U.S. history and . . . um . . . it seems like today's toxic partisan climate REALLY factored in. 

Because there was a tie for the top president of all time, at 16% of the vote each . . . Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. And you can probably guess which one Republicans voted for and which one Democrats voted for. 

Abraham Lincoln was third, at 15% . . . George Washington and FDR tied for fourth, at 10% . . . JFK was sixth, at 9% . . . and Bill Clinton and President Trump tied for seventh, at 5% each. 

One out of 10 Republicans . . . and zero Democrats . . . said Trump is the best president ever. 

71% of Democrats said he's the worst president ever . . . and 57% of Republicans said Obama was the worst president ever. Yep. Everyone today is thinking nice and rationally and not going off the deep end at all.


Photo:  today.yougov.com

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