Brett Eldredge Showed the Press His "Pee Plaque"

BRETT ELDREDGE wanted to honor his latest hit, "The Long Way", so he took a few reporters on a tour of some of his favorite Nashville haunts . . . including places where he hung out when he first moved to town in 2006. 

One of those places is the notorious "pee plaque." Here's the story on that. He did his share of bar hopping back in the day, and he often ended up relieving himself on the side of the Warner Music building.

Quote, "I would stop and leave my mark every year on my territory." Well, now he's a client, so back in June, the Warner suits jokingly hung a plaque on that very spot to memorialize it. In case you missed it, "People" did a feature on it last summer.

Some of his other stops on the tour included the apartment where he once lived, the place where he wrote his hit "Mean to Me", and the studio where he recorded it. (You can check out video clips of the tour at "The Tennessean".)

He even told CMT that he misses those times. Quote, "The earlier days of my career are my fondest memories because I didn't have anything, and you're fighting for that dream. It's an amazing feeling now looking back on it. I appreciate it more and more."

See his plaque HERE


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