Top Feature We Want for Our Phone

If there was one improvement or feature you could add to your phone, what would it be? According to an annual survey, having your phone die on you halfway through the day still annoys us more than anything else. 

A better BATTERY was the top feature people said they wanted. Here are the five things the survey asked about, ranked from most to least popular. Unfortunately "breathalyzer" and "flamethrower" weren't options, so they're all kind of boring . . . 

1. A longer-lasting battery, 41% of the vote. That's down slightly from 46% in 2016. 

2. A shatterproof screen, 20%. 

3. A better camera, 15%. 

4. For the whole phone to be waterproof, or at least water-resistant, 13%. A lot of phones are now, but not all of them. And definitely not older phones. 

5. More hands-free technology, 5%.

The remaining 6% said "none of the above," so they had a different improvement in mind. 



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