New Rules in Orange Beach for Spring Break

If you're headed to Orange Beach for Spring Break, there are some new rules you will need to be aware of.

The Orange Beach Police Department put revelers on notice via the city website:

The Orange Beach Police Department welcomes all guests to the City of Orange Beach for Spring Break. Our city is a beautiful, family-oriented beach resort community. Over the past two years, we have experienced increases in underage drinking, disorderly conduct and illegal drug use during Spring Break.

The Orange Beach Police Department will utilize all available resources at our disposal to maintain order and continue to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for all visitors.

If you are looking for a party town, the City of Orange Beach is not it.

Underage drinking, illegal drug use, disorderly conduct or any other breach of the peace will not be tolerated. If you choose to violate the law, you will go to jail. THIS IS YOUR WARNING.

The Orange Beach Police Department followed up its lists with some do's and don'ts.


  • Be respectful of other guests.
  • Have a good time.
  • Take your trash with you.
  • Remember to "Leave Only Footprints."

Do not:

  • Sleep in your car or on the beach.
  • Have glass containers on the beach.
  • Dig large holes on the beach or have steel shovels.
  • Have alcohol on State beaches.
  • Climb or jump from balconies.
  • Leave you chairs and tents on the beach after sunset.
  • Have loud and boisterous music or noise on the beach or in your room.

The Orange Beach Police Department can be reached at 251-981-9777 for non-emergency matters.


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