What's The Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy

Apparently the Tooth Fairy didn't get in on the huge Bitcoin surge early enough, because it sounds like she's struggling a bit . . .

An annual survey called the Original Tooth Fairy Poll just came out. And even though the stock market soared last year, the average tooth payout DROPPED by about 11%.

The average amount of money kids got for each tooth was $4.13. That's down from an all-time high of $4.66 in 2016.

Once again, kids in the western half of the country did best, raking in $4.85 a tooth,followed by the Northeast, $4.35 . . . the South, $4.12 . . . and the Midwest, just $3.44.

But the average price for a FIRST tooth stayed pretty steady at $5.70. That's down just 2 cents in the last year.

84% of parents say the Tooth Fairy visits their home, but 55% admit she's MISSED at least one payment before.

She paid out a total of $271 MILLION for lost teeth last year. Aside from money, the most common things she leaves are a toy, a letter, and a toothbrush. 

(Delta Dental)

Photo:  hydeparkpediatricdentistry.com

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