Things We Did Not Know About Vanna White

One of my favorite things to do is watch Wheel of Fortune with my two year-old.  He's at the age where he can say and recognize letters, and does that while we are watching the show.

That being said, there are some things that you may not know about Vanna White:


1. I wear weird-colored toenail polish — like blue, green or yellow. If it’s strange-looking, I will wear it.

2. I call my 92-year-old step father, Herbert, every day to tell him I love him.

3.I love to crochet. I have my own line of yarn and donate half my proceeds to St. ­Jude Children’s Hospital. We are approaching $2 million.

4. I’m a homebody.

5. Every fall I have a girls’ weekend with high school friends I grew up with.

6. My favorite movie is Imitation of Life. It’s just a true love story and it really touched me.

7. My biggest phobia is spiders. When I was in second grade, one of my classmates got bitten. That did it for me.

8. I’m in the Guinness Book of World Records for clapping the most on TV.

9. I love prunes.

10. I drive a Prius.

11. I’m a big recycler and I like conserving energy. 1

2. I have 10-pound weights in my dressing room. I usually do a few curls before I go on, because I wear strapless dresses all the time.

13. My biggest pet peeve is being late. I’m always early.

14. I don’t get to keep any of my clothes. But I have purchased a few items.

15. I love to play Words with Friends.

16. My favorite things to wear are old T-shirts and baggy pajama bottoms.

17. I love all those shows on HGTV. House Hunters International, especially.

18. My favorite place is Italy because of the amazing food and beautiful scenery.

19. [Cohost] Pat [Sajak] and I have never had an argument in 35 years. He’s just so easy to get along with. We’re like brother and sister.

20. I do not pick out my own gowns. Designers send, like, 40 gowns at one time and we do 12 shows in two days. So my stylist and I pick out the top 12 dresses that we like.

21. I’ve worn more than 6,700 dresses — never the same one twice.

22. I was most surprised by Snoop Dogg saying he knew who I was!

23. I have a sweet tooth. Everything from ice cream to pies to tarts.

24. One time I fell on camera. It was pretty embarrassing. I was walking off the board to congratulate the winner who just won a car and you saw me miss the last step. I just disappeared behind the car.

25. I knit baby blankets for anyone on the Wheel staff who is having a baby.


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