A GoFundMe Account Created After Route 91 Tragedy

A GoFundMe account that was set up after the Route 91 tragedy has started distributing its funds to the victims and their families. Some $31.5 million came in from around the world, thanks to over 90,000 donations.

532 families and victims will share the money. $275,000 will be given to each family of the 58 people killed in the shooting. Another $275,000 will go to 10 different victims who were either paralyzed or suffered permanent brain damage injuries.

Plus, funds will go to 147 other people who were hospitalized. There are no rules around how the money can be spent.

A family member of one of the victims said, quote, "In no way can it replace someone's life. Still, it is a real nice way to help families who lost someone they loved."

Here's a chart of how the money is being paid out:

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