5 Things in Your Bathroom You Should Throw Away

We're still a week and a half away from spring, so it's not really spring cleaning time yet. But you can get a jump on it by throwing a few things out. Here are five bathroom items you should toss, besides your old ratty toothbrush . . .

1. Old cases for your contact lenses. Bacteria from your hands gets in there, and it's basically impossible to get them totally sterile again. So you're supposed to use a new case every three months.

2. Cosmetics that have changed color, odor, or consistency. The oil that's in them cango bad, and they can start to grow bacteria.

3. Acne products that have been open for a while. The kinds with benzoyl peroxide orsalicylic acid start to decay pretty quickly. They're only good for about 4 to 6 months after you open them.

4. The bottle of rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide you bought years ago. Theydon't go bad, but they lose potency. There should be an expiration date on the bottle.

5. Expired medications. Don't worry TOO much. A Harvard study found 90% of them are still safe and relatively effective even 15 YEARS after they expire. But a few you should NEVER use past their expiration date are insulin, liquid antibiotics, and certain heart medications or anything else with nitroglycerine in it. 

(Business Insider)

Photo:  Getty Images

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