California Might Let People Pick Driver's License Photo

posted by Todd Robbins -

Do you take 25 selfies before you post the one where you look PERFECT? If so, it must just make you insane that you look like a hungover goblinon your driver's license.

Well . . . the vainest state in the country just might change that. There's a bill in the California state senate that would let people pick their OWN driver's license photo.

You'd have to pay an extra fee . . . but damn, could be worth it, right?

The bill has a long way to go before it could potentially become a law . . . and I can see one BIG argument against it: Just think of how bad the waits will be at the DMV if it passes and everyone's sitting there taking 20 pictures.

(NBC 4 - Los Angeles)

Photo:  Getty Images



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