Watch Luke Bryan Drink Beer Out Fan's Cowboy Boot

LUKE BRYAN did a "shoey" at his show last week in Sydney, Australia.I'd never heard of it either . . . and now I wish I hadn't. It's when you drink beer out of someone's sweaty shoe. Or this case, a cowboy boot.

Somebody posted video, and it starts with Luke on stage as he finishes pouring a beer into a cowboy boot. It's not clear who it belongs to. Then he says he "needs one more beer" and a crew member brings another bottle and pours it in.

Then it starts: Luke yells, quote, "Here's to a sold-out show in Sydney, Australia" . . .and he takes a huge, sloppy chug. Afterwards he says, "Yeah, I've never done that" . . .and then he throws the beer-soaked boot back into the crowd.



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