For the First Time, NFL Team Will Have Male Cheerleaders

For the first time, an NFL team will have MALE cheerleaders . . .and no, it won't be an all-male squad . . . although that would've been interesting.

Two guys were named to the L.A. Rams cheerleading squad this week, where they'll perform alongside the women.

So yeah, they're actual cheerleaders. The Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts have men on the squad who perform stunts with female cheerleaders, but this is the FIRST time male cheerleaders will dance as well.

Obviously, they didn't just toss two guys on the squad for the heck of it. They had to audition like everyone else. In all, there are 40 cheerleaders, so they're with 38 women.

Now, I know what you're thinking . . . and I'm not sure how respond because it's such a touchy subject . . . but no, they haven't said whether or not they plan to stand for the National Anthem. (???)

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