It's National Deep Dish Pizza Day

Today is National Deep Dish Pizza Day, which is clearly the most important holiday this week.

Anyway, here are some results from a survey in honor of the day . . .

1. Americans are VERY divided over which is better: New York-style thin crust or Chicago-style deep dish pizza. 51% say deep dish, 49% say thin crust.

2. And 2% of people have gotten into a, quote, "heated debate" over it.

3. Even if some people like thin crust more, it doesn't mean they're anti-deep dish.Only 12% of people say they don't like it.

4. 2% of people say deep dish pizza shouldn't COUNT as pizza, it should count as a casserole.

5. And 4% of people say they're PIZZA SNOBS.

(National Today)

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