What to Do If Ever an Active Shooter at Your Work

The shooting at YouTube's headquarters this week has people talking about what THEY'D do if something like that happened at their job. So here's what experts say. You basically have three options . . .

Option #1: Evacuate. At work today, figure out at least two escape routes, just in case something ever happens. Don't forget windows if you're on the first or second floor. If you're up higher than that, stairs are better than an elevator.

If you do run, leave all your stuff behind. Keep your hands visible in case you run into any cops. And help other people escape if you can, but don't try to move anyone who's unconscious or can't walk on their own.

Option #2: Hide. Or better yet, deny the shooter access to your location. That means hide where they can't see you. Lock any doors, and barricade them with something heavy, like a couch if possible. Then don't do anything to call attention to yourself.

Stay quiet, and call 911 if you can. Then put your phone on silent, and wait for your chance to get out. Or if you feel like you're safer where you are, then stay there. And stay low, but DON'T lie down flat in case you need to resort to your last option . . .

Option #3: Fight back. But only as a last resort. In that case, be aggressive, and use whatever you can as a weapon. Crouching is better than lying down, because if they burst in the room, you can jump out and surprise them. But remember, if you ever have a chance to get away, that's always your best option. 

(DHS / NY Times)

Photo:  reminetwork.com

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