Dustin Lynch Gave Brad Paisley a Live Goat

DUSTIN LYNCH found a creative way to thank BRAD PAISLEY for bringing him along as an opener on the Weekend Warrior Tour. He gifted him with a live Nigerian Dwarf goat.

This was at their show on Friday in Nashville during the song "I'm Still a Guy". The goat was on a leash and they took turns holding it until Dustin's official presentation.("G.O.A.T." stands for "greatest of all time.")

He said, quote, "In my opinion, Brad Paisley is one of the greatest of all time to do this. He is one of the 'goats' of country music. So Brad, I got you a goat."

Dustin named it Telly because of Brad's love for Telecaster guitars.

Brad made it clear he wanted to keep Telly because his kids would give him a hard time if he didn't. And he was right, because after the show his son Jasper was seen cuddling it.

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