How Many Times Do You Wear Your Underwear Before You Wash Them?

I've never been THIS confident about the one and only correct answer to a question.

A new survey asked people: How many times do you wear a pair of underwear before you wash them? And while you'd THINK they all said, "Um, once?" . . . that didn't happen.

Apparently, 31% of men and 10% of women wear their underwear two times or MORE before they wash 'em. And 3% turn their underwear inside out before they wear them the second time. I don't know if that makes it better or worse.

And there's more. 26% of women wear a bra at least five times before they wash it,and 6% wear it at least 10 times.

And 31% of people wear their gym clothes at least three times before they wash them.

(Metro / Daily Mail)

Photo:  Getty Images

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